ADMI’s campus is a vibrant creative working space, conveniently located in the heart of Nairobi’s CBD. Our extensive resources include:

  • Large Lecture Halls
  • Animation Labs
  • Computer Labs
  • Sound Studios
  • Post-Production (Editing) Labs
  • Interactive Media Centre
  • Green Screen
  • Equipment Vault

This state-of-the-art campus also incorporates ample services including high-speed internet and top-notch security.



The ADMI campus at Caxton House is a fully-equipped, high tech campus.

The facilities include classrooms, sound production studios, Mac and PC labs, a film equipment warehouse, an auditorium and a fully stocked library.

On the grounds are a pocket-friendly cafeteria, a formal Italian restaurant and ample parking.


We pride ourselves on being one of the few regional film schools that teaches in HD, digital and film (35mm & 16mm) formats.

During their first year, students hone their skills using small HD camcorders, before progressing to high-end HD formats like RED1, Epic, Sony F900 and Panasonic 2700/3700, as well as film formats, in the second year.

We also offer industry-standard editing suites, which use the very latest software, including Final Cut, Adobe Premier and Avid Composer.

SuperSport OB Truck


Our campus is fully-equipped and boasts industry-standard audio and TV studios. The TV studio has a tracking floor with lighting grid, while the Music studio has a vocal booth that doubles up as rehearsal space that can accommodate a full band. The control room is equipped with professional software, including ProTools and Logic, as well as a C24 mixing surface. All our studios are acoustically treated for sound recording.