Has your business hit a plateau? Need some coaching? ADMI’s Accelerator is the answer. In an intensive 5-day bootcamp, you will examine your business closely to better understand where you may be going wrong. From your market and money to your management and metrics, this high-impact course will set you back on the path to growth. An optional, 6-month mentorship module is also available if you want to move quickly from insight to implementation.


Acting Workshop

Delivered in partnership with New York-based Fearless Communicators, this half-day workshop offers you an introduction to in-person storytelling and performing techniques. From warm up and grounding to posture, projection and breathing, the techniques imparted are transferable to any public speaking role. The ADMI version emphasizes the importance of presence, power and fearlessness on stage and in life.


Looking for a convenient location to progress your marketing career? Through a unique partnership with the International School of Advertising, ADMI is now offering marketing qualifications, examined by the UK-based Chartered Institute of Marketing. Whether just starting out in a marketing support role or looking to advance into senior management, ADMI has the right Certificate or Diploma course for you.

English Finishing School
Is your broken English or strong accent holding back your career? Over the 10-weeks of this intense and practical program, you will polish your communication skills in both written and spoken English. Your experienced facilitators will help you avoid common spelling and grammar mistakes, drill you on proper pronunciation, projection and diction and guide you on the essentials and etiquette of Business English.

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Through our 5-day bootcamp, ADMI will expose and equip you to get the most value out of your digital assets. This fast-paced overview will show you how to design your campaigns, exploit your website or mobile app, improve your SEO, integrate social media, YouTube, Google Ads and Facebook marketing, employ effective email and content tools and understand basic principles of analytics.

Digital Marketing Workshop

This 1-day weekend workshop will provide you a high-level overview ADMI will expose you to universe of digital marketing approaches, with a focus on Google and You Tube revenue conversion. You will also receive a systematic mapping of other tools and their relative strengths.


This 4-month certificate helps you develop your personal style, confidence and technique, by experimenting with a number of specialist techniques and practices in using their camera’s technical setting. Participants learn basic compositional and lighting principles as well as differences between street, portrait, landscape and documentary photography. Topics include qualities of light, composition, creative use of camera controls, flash and portraiture. You will also learn how to evaluate photographs and be introduced to digital image editing basics. While the main tool is the digital single lens reflex camera, the skills gained apply to any camera, including smart phones and point and shoot cameras.

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business. Growth hackers are marketers, engineers and product managers that specifically focus on building and engaging the user base of a business using tools such as search engine and conversion optimization, website analytics, content marketing and A/B testing.
Through our part-time, 6-week hybrid course, you will translate your digital marketing skills into revenue, gaining a hands-on understanding of the customer funnel, structuring experiments and tactics for driving aggressive growth.


Ever wondered how they do it on the Muppets or the XYZ show? This hands-on 10-week overview of the art of puppetry prepares you to add puppets to your broadcast video and live theatre performances. Several styles of puppetry will be taught, ranging from Bunraku, Rod Arm, Human Arm, Solo, Shadow and Mop and Broom. In addition to the history and styles of puppetry, you will learn script writing, manipulation, voice characterization, sound recording, use of props, building stages and sets, and directing a puppet production for both film and theatre.



Whether polishing up for the workplace or publishing your first novel, ADMI’s Writing Program helps you develop your writing skills under the tutelage of published and well-known facilitators. From business correspondence and poetry to web writing and memoir, the curriculum blends practical exercises and coaching in technique to give you a firm foundation.


Creative Nonfiction

This 10-week course exposes students to a variety of forms within the genre, including personal narrative, memoir, reportage, editorials, interviews, reports, journals, reviews, and opinion essays. You will build your craft through analysis of non-fiction pieces and weekly writing assignments.


This 10-week course introduces elements and forms of fiction, including short stories and longer narratives. You will be exposed to such elements as plot, narrative technique, character development, detail, dialogue, point of view, voice and style, along with tools such as evocation, description, and epiphany. You will learn the craft through analysis of existing fiction and frequent assignments and readings.


This 10-week evening course introduces the essentials of poetry writing, including poetic form, line structures, meter, rhythm, lineation, stanza pattern, open-form composition, lyric, narrative, and dramatic modes. Reading and study of various poetic models helps you create a portfolio of original poems by the end of the trimester.


This 10-week course explores aspects of the classic three-act structure, keys to character development and visual storytelling, alongside the dynamics of theme, conflict and resolution. In addition, you will benefit from insights on effective pitching strategies, as well proper screenplay formatting and packaging. A series of writing assignments guides student toward mastering the basics, enabling them to deliver a skeleton script.

Writing for New Media

This 10-week course explores approaches to digital storytelling and transmedia narratives helping you gain creative skill in the production of a range of writing outputs for websites, podcasts, webinars and blogs. You will also review policy and social challenges that come with evolution of the digital media arena, such as online privacy, free speech and intellectual property divide.